Laila El GammelLaila El Gammal is the Managing Director of Nobeltex, a textile company and leading provider of machinery and fire protection systems. In her executive leadership role, Ms. El Gammal, an expert in sales, serves as an agent for European companies, acquires inquiries, and performs quality assurance inspections. Ms. El Gammal sells top quality products to her audience, and reads and responds to emails, and has made a name for herself as a top-tier businesswoman over the years, earning such accolades as an Award for Excellence in Business in 2007.

Ms. El Gammal was introduced to the textile industry by her father, who has always been well-versed in the field. He helped her to understand the niceties of the field and to work her way up, making advancements that have led her toward becoming an industry executive. She earned a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from Alexandria University in Egypt, and she has since remained abreast of trends and developments in the field as a member of the Association of Engineers in Egypt. Ms. El Gammal has spent nearly four decades in textiles, and she continuously strives for excellence in her endeavors.

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